H B Films Ltd™ was founded by its principal, Hill Burton, in 2017 as a Production Company to develop short and feature length films for itself, in collaboration with others, and as a channel for funding other film projects as Executive Producer.


Since 2016, H B Films™ / Hill Burton has supported Mycho Entertainment Group with their feature films “Slasher House II” and “Mask of Thorn”, both being distributed via Amazon Prime, as well as acting as a Co-Producer on “Lonely Hearts” (with Trash Arts Ltd) and “Toxic Schlock” (co-production with Trash Arts and Vestra Pictures).


Post-production films include “Millennial Killer” (with Trash Arts), “Hoyt” (with GJohn Productions) and “Invasion of the Not Quite Dead” (with Indywood), the latter being an personal project of indie filmmaker A D Lane which has recently wrapped after an 11 year shoot period and which will hit the film festival circuit in 2019 with four film festivals already interested in showing the completed film.


Funding and production support has also been provided for a number of short films including “Echoes of the Passed” (Scott Lyus), “Salient Minus Ten” (Emma Dark),  and “Frames of Fear” (Brad Twigg).